Two villains I measure all other villains against

I think, in many ways, a villain makes or breaks a story.

Having a hero is all well and dandy but, alas, heroes can be boring. They always represent the good — morality, compassion, ethics, all those lovely things which prevent society from breaking into outright anarchy, but ultimately the…

Special K’s detaching and disconnective effects

Ketamine is probably best known as an illicit party drug, but its history is far more rich and varied than just a new-ish cocaine-alternative.

‘Special K’ is an anaesthetic, most widely known as a horse-tranquilizer, even though it’s used medically on humans as well. It belongs to the class of…

Become a writer for the Fighting Fit publication on Medium

Thank you for your interest in writing for Fighting Fit!

How to Become a Writer for Fighting Fit

Send us either your Medium name/profile handle (your username after the @ symbol) or your profile URL using this link.

We check the link every few days and will add you to the publication as a writer. You can then…

Get those foot-warmers on if you’re having trouble climaxing

Socks in bed isn’t the sexiest thing in the world.

If you brave the foot-warmer style during sexy-funtime, you’ve either got to be very comfortable with your lover, despise your own feet or be one of those people that’s constantly cold.

As unfetching as the naked-but-with-socks look can be (although…

Discovering your sleep chronotype is essential to your success, and your health

I’ve always been a night-owl. As a toddler I’d be wide awake at 2am and enjoy the deepest slumber during mid-morning, much to the dismay of my parents who both had jobs to wake up for.

In school I was never quite switched on until about 10–10.30am each morning, meaning…

Whether you’re giving to yourself or your lover

Some studies say as many as 90% of women can’t reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone.

That’s a massive number, and if you are one of those women (or know someone who is), you’ll be pleased to know that getting there is very likely within your reach.

Achieving a vaginal…

Ever wonder why negativity spreads faster than positivity?

I’ve often heard people say “the world is full of bad news.” It’s true; bad news does seem to be everywhere but that doesn’t mean good news doesn’t exist, it just doesn’t get nearly as much airtime. …

“It’s not fair!” cries Wall Street

This Gamestop situation is fascinating. Gamestop is a computer-game selling US retailer who have struggled the past year, partly due to pandemic, partly because they’re a legacy business that sells physical games and partly for other reasons.

Gamestop’s share price didn’t really move much for the first 8 months of…

Euphoria, stress & the power to change your genes

Cocaine is probably the world’s most popular hard drug. Produced mostly in Colombia and consumed by the rest of the world, especially the US and UK, the cocaine market has an estimated global value of $120billion.

Where does the characteristic euphoric & energetic high come from though? …

Rajeet Singh

Rajeet enjoys mixing cocktails and bombarding strangers with philosophy. (Aspiring) Polymath. London.

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